Proverbs 11:19 As righteousness tendeth to life: so he that pursueth evil pursueth it to his own death.

Participants - Around the World by bicycle

  It is only just a little group of fellows mentioned below from more than 600 people who participated in the Ride.

SIGITAS KUCAS SIGITAS KUCAS (Lthuania). Doctor of Phisics. He is working at the institute of Phisics in Vilnius. He is donig a research International Coordinator of the Ride. Went through the whole way.
GODA CIPLYTE GODA CIPLYTE (Lithuania). Teacher of English. She was working as a translator for the Prime Minsiter of Lithuania. Went through the whole way.
EDVARDAS ZIZYS EDVARDAS ZIZYS (Lithuania). Profesor of Economy. He was working at the Vilnius University. Our Camera Man during the ride. He was doing Video Records for a Lithuanian National Television LTV. Went through the whole way.
SŁAWOMIR PŁATEK SŁAWOMIR PŁATEK (Poland). Electronic Technician. Student at the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Poland. Went through the whole way.
WALDEMAR GRABKA WALDEMAR GRABKA (Poland). Economist. Went from: Szczecin 16.08.1999 - Tokyo 24.01.2000
MANUEL MONSALVO CORTES MANUEL MONSALVO CORTES (Mexico). It was a student of the languages but also a fruit and vegetables seller. Went through: Guatemala - Ivory Coast West Africa; Holland - Japan.
WALTER JAIMIE RAMON MEJIA WALTER JAIMIE RAMON MEJIA (Peru) 32 years old. 25 October 1999 Died in tragical Accident in India Student of Antropology, teacher and student of Karate. Went through: Lima, Peru 18.12.1998 - India 25.10.1999
CARLOTTA DALL'AGLIO CARLOTTA DALL'AGLIO (Italy). Secretary. Went through: Lyon, France - Tokyo, Japan
PIERCARLO MARIN PIERCARLO MARIN (Italy). Carpenter in wood. Went through: Lyon, France - Tokyo, Japan
ANCICA KOMLJENOVIC ANCICA KOMLJENOVIC (Croatia). She was a student of sports. Went through: Paris, France 31.05.1999 - Tokyo, Japan
OLIVER STEPHAN OLIVER STEPHAN (Germany). Construction Worker. Went through: Seattle - Ivory Coast, West Africa; Holland - Romania.
GEDIMINAS VASILIAUSKAS GEDIMINAS VASILIAUSKAS (Lithuania). Historic. Went through: Seattle 06.08.1998 - Buenos Aires, Argentina 13.02.1999
GUNTER EHRICH GUNTER EHRICH (Germany). Went through: Seattle 06.08.1998 - Iquique, Chile 10.01.1999
FLOR TOLEDO FLOR TOLEDO (Mexico). Coordinator of the Ride in Mexico, Went through: Hermosillo, Mexico 1998.09.07 - Panama 1998.11.09
HUGO VALENTE HUGO VALENTE (Mexico). Photograph. Went through: Mexico 1998.09.20 - Managua, Nikaragua 1998.10.20
CHRISTOPH SCHLEIDT CHRISTOPH SCHLEIDT (Germany). He was studying pedagogy of Social work Went through: Seattle 1998.08.06 - Mexico 1998.09.20
AHMET MUMCU AHMET MUMCU (Turkey). Citizen of Turkey and Germany. Former owner of the Restaurant. He sold the restaurant and went on the way. Went through: Seattle 1998.08.06 - Gagnoa, Ivory Coast, West Africa 1999.03.11
KLAZIEN FOKKER KLAZIEN FOKKER (Holland) Went through: Juli, Peru 1998.12.29 - Arica, Chile1999.01.06
MARIELA RUTH SOTO MAMANI MARIELA RUTH SOTO MAMANI (Peru) Went through: Puente Piedra, Peru 1998.12.10 - Tacna, Peru 1999.01.04

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By bicycle around the World

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