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With my signature on the application form I certify that:

  • all the information I've provided in it is true
  • I will pay the participation fee in due time
  • I will comply with the "Traveler rules" during CROTOS Expedition "Gdańsk - Odessa 2005" and also I will obey to the road law rules and comply with the instructions given by the expedition organizers
  • I am aware of the fact, that my non-compliance with the rules will effect with my elimination from the expedition

I agree that:

  1. In case of accident all possible claims will be set up with the third party taking part in it, with help provided by the expedition organizers
  2. The expedition organizers are not responsible for:
    1. weather, road and cycle paths conditions (especially the technical state of the last two)
    2. accidents caused by third party (such as cars, other cyclists, pedestrians etc.)
    3. lost property belonging to expedition participants
    4. any loss caused by expedition participants
    5. Non-valid personal documents (to cross the border valid passport is necessary!)
    6. destroying personal equipment (including bikes)
  3. In case of resignation the participation fee will be reimbursed according to the following rules::
    1. up to 30 days before the start of the expedition - 100% reimbursement
    2. from 10 to 30 days before the start of the expedition - 50% reimbursement
    3. less then 10 days before the start of the expedition - no reimbursement
  4. The reimbursement will take place in 30 days from the resignation date
  5. In case of eliminating the participant that broke the expedition rules, any reimbursement will take place
  6. The persons under age of 18 can participate in the expedition only being accompanied by an adult, that will take full responsibility and care for him/her
With my signature I certify that I know the rules and agree with them.
Also, I agree that I will sign the "Rules of CROTOS Expedition "Gdańsk - Odessa 2005" before the expedition starts.
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