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Psalms 31:13 For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life.

Story of my deportation from USA

  I would like you to tell the story of my deportation.
When I came back to USA from Jamaica after 16 days being in Jamaica.
In Kingston at the Airport I was taking pictures.
I came from Kingston to Fort Lauderdale FL 10/22/2006 and I was taking pictures at the
Hollywood/Evergaldes Airport too.
I went through the Passport control and the Passport Control Officer she gave me time
on B2 visa untill 21th of April 2007. This black lady it was nice to me.
When I came to the place where the baggage is delivered.
I was stopped about 5 pm by the US Customs and Border Protection Officer CBP his name
was Melendez. He took me to the place where they are checking luggage.
He was looking through the pictures and asking me to delete one after another one
untill there was no more pictures of the place at the airport
which He did not wanted me to have pictures of.
Then we went back and took my two other pieces of my luggage which was on the delivery
luggage mashine. I took the rest two pieces of my
luggage and went to the place wher CBP Officers are searching and checking luggage.
When he was searching my luggage he found that I have two machetes in my big backpack.
He was searching all what I had with me.
They was asking me different questions. Then they put me into the special room. Then
they send for special Agents from Miami FL.
They was telling that it will take them to come about 40 minutes.
When they came two of them they was asking me different questions because of being in
countries like Pakistan and Iran. They asked me if I have some
connection with Islamic fundamentalists in Iran.
And later they left. I was seating there.
The CBP Officer Melendez he was most of the time with me and was watching me. We were
talking. He was nice to me.
Then came after while. CBP Officer Martinez and Rodriguez. She Rodriguez wasnt nice to
me and Martinez wasnt nice etiher. But Rodriguez was worst.
They told me that I overstay in 2003. Ok. I overstay in USA in 2003 I commitd sin in
2003 but in 2004 I was allowed to enter USA and I got in Dec 9, 2004 time untill June
8, 2005
I wasnt staying in USA untill June 8, 2005 but I left USA in 27th of December 2004. And
then I came in 2005 and 2006 and I left USA on time.
They took me to the place where people was arriving and they make the process of
readmission to the USA.
They put me in too room where it was a restroom the door to the restroom it was half
door I saw first time such thing in my life. On the silink in room and in the restroom was
iron bars and it was wooden box for seating with a metal things on it probably for
fixing hands with handcuffs to it.
Seating in the room I was praying that they could give me 3 days only in the USA.
They took away my I-94 which I got time in USA untill 21th of April 2007 and they
started to process of removal me from USA.
I was beging them to give me 4 days. I told them and they already for sure knew it that
I have Greyhound bus tickets from Fort Lauderdale FL to Meadville PA and from
and for the next day from Meadville PA to New York City NY and the same day filght to
Paris from JFK Airport from New York City NY.
But they did not have mercy on me.
They even did not wanted me to call before they could make the whole process.
Martinez He was doing the whole process. He asked me to lift up my right hand and to
swear that I will speak the truth. And he was reading to me statement and also
he said that there is no appeal to the court from the decission of the CBP Officer.
CBP Officer Martinez was telling me that I left USA in 2003, 19th of August. When He
told me that I was confused because I remembered that I left earlier. But If he said so
it must be truth. But when I came home to Poland I found the papers and I was right I
did not left USA 19th of August 2003 but I left USA 10th of July 2003 I do not know
from where Mr. Martinez dig out such informations?
He wanted to take the finger prints from my hands but the mashines wasnt working. I was
happy in my soul for that. Because i could see that the Lord wasnt letting
them to do their work. We were going from one computer to another one and he was trying
to take my finger prints but it wasnt working.
Then he decided to ask me questions and write the raport. He was asking me questions
and he asked me to only answer for the questions. When I was starting to say something
he was telling to me often and he was using often that word
 "not relevant"
He said to me if I will be answering the questions then they will not give me 5 years
prohibition to enter USA.
I was answering the questions but the computer wasnt working well too when he was
writting the raport.
Then he took me to the other computer to continue to write the raport. And He thought
that something desappeard on the computer from the raport he could not find.
We were seating all night. I could not sleep. They was making the raport and then
taking finger prints finally from both of my hands and they send to FBI for checking
for my
criminal record.
They was asking me where I want to be send back To Jamaica or to Poland?
I said at first to Jamaica but then I changed shortly after while and told them that I
want to be send to Poland.
It came representative from Spirit Air. Later he had the ticket for me to fly to
Kingston. They let me called after the raport was done. I called in the morning to
Howard on his US phone to Jamaica and told him that I will be in Kingston about 12,45
pm. And Howard came to Kingston but I wasnt there.
Jamaica did not wanted me to let in enter Jamaica.
And becasue of that Spirit Air they bought a flight for 707 dollars from Miami FL
through Zurich to Warsaw by Swiss Air.
Next day about 3 pm other CBP Officer put me in handcuffs and me and one oficer on one
side and another officer on the other side was walking with me through the
Hollywood/Everglades Fort Lauderdale FL Airport the people at the airport was looking
at me. I wasnt feeling nice to be in the handcuffs. It was the first time in my life
that somebody
put handcuffs on my hands.
They put me in to the US Govermental car inside in the car was iron bars separation
between driver and the passenger.
They took me to the Miami International Airport.
Over there took control another CBP Officers they was nicer they did not put handcuffs
on my hands.
I was seating in one room where there were many people. I was in the corner. Corner
like told me another guy from UK it was for the people for deportation. He was
also seating there because he was deported to UK and he was waiting for his airplane too.
About 6 pm I went with two CBP officers to take the flight ticket from Swiss air. When
we went there. The CBP Officers they wanted to give the deportation papers
to the crew of the airplane. But the man at the desk of Swiss Air told them that they
will treat me as a regular passenger and the man from the desk said that he wil
come to the entrance of the airplane and that i will be boarded as a last and also to
give the special documents not to the crew of the airplane but to me. The CBP officers
told to the man at
the Swiss Air desk that I have the two machetes in the bag.
The CBP Officers was with me all the time. I asked them if I could take picture of the
Swiss Airplane. They said ok. But to not photograped them.
They was seating with me untill about 7,30 pm untill the time to enter the airplane.
The people from Swiss Air calling me by the loudspeaker. I was one of the last which
entered the airplane.
The CBP Officers gave me envelope which they not suppose give it to me.
But the man from Swiss Air from the desk came to the entrance of the Airplane and told
them again to give the special envelope to me.
I wasnt sleeping more than 24 hours since the CBP Officer stopped me.
When I came to Zurich I went through the Passport control the man was nice to me. He
put border stamp into my passport and I went outside of the airport. It was nice
morning weather over there.
I was walking for a while and then came through the passport control other man at the
passport control was nice to me too.
And I fly to Warsaw.
I came to Warsaw 23th of October.
But I suppose to come 27th of October but I was not allowed  by CBP and because of that
my Air France flight ticket was lost and I do not know what will be with my greyhound
bus tickets.

The CBP they cannceled my 10 years US visa. I have no entry to USA.

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