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Przyp. 10:16 Praca sprawiedliwego wystarczy na życie, dochód bezbożnego wiedzie do grzechu.

od anci 9 grudnia 1999, 03:53:14 (Thu, 9 Dec 1999 03:53:14 +0200)

-----Original Message-----
From: Krzysztof Malec <>
To: Sigitas Kucas <>
Date: 1999 m. Liepa 2 d. 07:26
Subject: TO ANCICA FROM POLAND - 23.06.99

Hello Ancia.

  Do you remember me? This is Krzysiek, from English Christopher. I am this
smoll blister lighthaired which steped on your toe during our dance in the
restaurant of the Hotel Warmia in Braniewie. I was helped you with Slawek to
join Attachment to e-mail and to pack jpg WinZipem Uff... if you unite me
herself (there were us several). I tell you that I companied you during the
Elblag-Braniewo with two cyclists when we so quick went out of the mountain.
Hello dear Krzysek,
I remember, that was realy good!
Do you know that with my English is weakly so I profiting from help my
sister now.
I hope that I range myself from English soon. I would like to profit with a
occasion to present oneself more, espectially that during our meetings I did
do this (ah! this English). I am 23 years old and  I am a student of the
Politechnika in Radom. I am studing computers but I have Amiga:). I dont
have so
much attain on the ride by bicycle as you but it is big hobby for me. I love
ride by bicycle in spite I do not look for this ( I am a smoll fatty:))). I
developed the first pictures from Gdansk, the camp Stutthoff, the ferry-boat
from the drinking beer. You exited very good. I will send you these pictures
where are you if I amuse myself the scaner. Do I post them at the adress ? Where I may to post the email ? To you or at the adress ? Do I post them maybe at the adress Sigitas ?
Please, mail them to my friend Robert in radio club. My account
is not in use, and for sigitas it will
take too long time to download it. My amiga friend name is Robert B. or
maybe better to Igor on
Thank you very much
for the adress of Robert (Amiga-Croatia). I will to write to him soon. ok he
is involved in Peace Ride. I am
miss you. What are you doing now and where are you ? Myanmar was more  than
interesting, and now we are in Laos - Vientiane. Did happen anything
interesting ? I miss for you and the ride and the adventure (at the border I
would like to cry very nearly). There the weather is bad. It is raining. I
not know what to do because there I have a holiday. I would like to ride
you... This one week was like dream...and I am missing now. You will write
is happening to you now. I hope that the problem with posting films was
I'm sure whether is better now, and is it snowing outside just now? In
Vientiane is sunny day. Now I go outside to drink one cocco and take
breakfast. Sorry  that I didn't write earlier. My english is not good as
your sister can see. We stay here untill sunday and we have time for rest
after long, long time. Thank you for pictures and don't eat too much cakes
on holydays.
Laptom is in coma, always rows are jumping and instead of background lite
Slawek instalated Cristmas tree small lites. It is good for joke that we
also have cristmas tree.
OK, I must finish because  your sister will have so much to translate.

Do vidzenja,

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