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Przyp. 10:11 Usta sprawiedliwego są krynicą życia, lecz usta bezbożnych kryją bezprawie.

Greetings from GMPR in Laos 12 grudnia 1999, 21:44:25 (Sun, 12 Dec 1999 21:44:25 +0200)

  Dear friends,

please find attached photos of GMPR team from Laos and a letter from

With best regards,

Vidimantas Kucas
GMPR Lithuanian Fund

Vientiane, Laos, 10 Dec 1999


Our aim is not only promote peace and understanding among the people of the
world, but also break the walls. So far in 16 months we have suceeded in
pedalling through 42 countries, and have discovered that different embasies
of the same country have expressed a completely different approach towards
our peace project. We can give many examples when the same applications have
been  rejected in one country, while elsewhere visas were issued the same
day and even without a consular fee.

We applied for Chinese visa still in Delhi, India. However we were not
admitted into the embasy and the consul insisted that first we should obtain
an official invitation from a sports or tourism organisation. To that end
"China International Sports Travel", provided "a bill" - each peace rider
should pay 105 USD per day for the stay in China.

We addressed Polish diplomats in India and Lithuanian diplomats in China as
well as the National UNESCO Commissions in Lithuania and China to assist us
in this matter, however even the pressure on the Chinese Government gave no

The situation seemed to be hopeless, as it would be a shame for a bicycle
ride to take a flight going directly to our destination - Hiroshima.

We had to change our route in Laos and came to Vientiane, last chance to
overcome the Great Chinese Wall, and a miracle happened... The Chinese
Consular Department in Vientiane issued visas with a big Chinese smile.

This is a true testimony of our experience that all the matters first depend
not on the instructions or regulations, but on GOOD WILL only!

The Peace Ride is entering the last part of the route - arriving to KUNMING
on 12 December, we will continue through China pedaling towards SHANGHAI.
Christmas will be unusual - on the ferry to Japan! We will arrive to
HIROSHIMA in time to meet the New and Peaceful Millennium.


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