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after the accident 18 grudnia 1999, 16:27:13 (Sat, 18 Dec 1999 16:27:13 +0200)


After the accident in India and almost one month of isolation in military
Myanmar we
received many letters from
friends all over the world expressing condolences and sadness over the
unexpected loss of our
friend. The many people, who Walter met or talked, were deeply moved, as
Walter, being open to himself and others, loved to communicate. Even for a
short while, he made an impression of a sensitive and deep personality, and
a little girl he spoke for a moment in Vilnius sees him in the dream.

In many places of the world service has been held in Walter's memory -
India, Peru, Lithuania, Poland. A lot of friends in Senegal, USA and
Greece, Britain and Argentina prayed for his family, while Lithuanian
newspapers as well as
Lithuanian and Polish TV made special reports in his memory.

We wish to thank all those, who supported us in this difficult moment and
encouraged us to continue cycling until Hiroshima. As his have family
requested, we are carrying a part of his ashes to Hiroshima, while
the remaining part as well as his belongings have been sent to his home in
Lima, Peru.

Vivid are the lines - "Now Walter is an angel, and you will always hear the
whisper of his wings resounding in your back". In different moments of this
trip we often think of his encouragement, and he is with us like he used to
be - the one "who has touched many lives on his journey and in his peaceful
sorrowful death. He will continue to touch and connect together hundreds and
thousands of lives round the world. All in the name of peace!"

Sigitas, Goda, Edvardas, Slawek, Manuel, Pier, Carlotta, Ancica, Waldek,

Wuhan, China
16 December 1999

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